What happens after my root canal?

Author: Mock Webware |

After the artery, vein and nerve are taken out of the tooth it is technically “dead” The reason the tooth may be sore is that the area around the tooth is inflamed. The tooth will become dry and brittle and can fracture. That is why ALL teeth with root canals need a “post build-up” and a “crown”. A build-up is where we place a metal post down the canal of the root and place a silver filling around it. This helps distribute the forces on the tooth and helps it avoid fractures. Then we place a crown over the build- up to hold the tooth together. The build- up and crown are each separate procedures with separate fees and are not included in the fee for the root canal. After the root canal, build- up and crown, the tooth should be fine and you should use it as you would any ordinary natural tooth.