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Dr. Anoop Sayal and Associates have been proudly serving Georgetown and Halton Hills since 1994 and we warmly welcome you to join our family of patients. We provide complete family dentistry in a friendly, caring and relaxed environment.

Dr. Anoop Sayal is proud to have served Georgetown and the surrounding community since 1994. He credits his success to lifelong learning and staying in the forefront of Dentistry.

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  • I think this was the best appointment! We have a little work to do which was explained. As always, the hygienist gets the patient and that is always comforting.

    Kady L.

  • Dr. Sayal and the team there are excellent. Christine makes the semi-annual dental cleaning appointments ones I actually look forward too!

    Al Q.

  • Found out first hand why Dr. Sayal is rated #1 dentist in town!

    Anton P.

  • Great visit all round. Entire team was knowledgeable and inviting.

    Jennifer H.

  • Great experience as always with Anitra’s work, she is so ever gentle when cleaning my teeth. Keep up the great work.

    Paulo S.

  • Anitra is an excellent hygienist. She is so gentle, while still doing a wonderful cleaning job. She is very personable!

    Shelli B.

  • Abi loves Rebekka and Dr. Sayal! Their calm demeanour keeps her relaxed and happy during her visits! The loot bag she comes home with keeps her motivated to keep up good oral hygiene at home. She especially likes the little timer that she uses while brushing. Keep up the great work! 🙂

    Abigail S.

  • Each time I arrive the hospitality and service is greatly appreciated. Moreover the love for my children is evidently clear at Marketplace Dental. Continue to make patrons smile and look forward to their next visit at your establishment.

    Aamer Z.

  • I have a fear of going to the dentist which has resulted in extensive work on my teeth required. Dr. Sayal and his staff have always been very comforting and provided amazing treatment for myself and my family for almost 18 years. They go above and beyond to provide the best possible treatment. Thank you.

    Bonnie M.

  • It was a great visit and check up at the market place dental. The staff was very kind and courteous. My appointment was great and my hygienist Debbie was terrific and I hope to get her again on my next visit. Great job and thank you

    Paul D.

  • Very pleased with my new crown; replaced one that broke after 14 years. Dr. Sayal is awesome! He knows his stuff, and has a very calming demeanour which helps when you are a little nervous. The staff are always helpful and very skilled at their various jobs. I experienced no pain throughout this procedure.

    Corrine T.

  • As a self described dental wuss, I can truly say that my hygienist make my experience easy on me.

    Monica C.

  • The hygienist explained clearly each step of the process and had lots of helpful tips and information the help keep my teeth and gums in good working order.

    Stephen D.

  • My family and I have been going to this dentist for about 18 yrs now and are always very happy with everything. Great and caring dentist and staff.

    Jerri-Ellen F.

  • My checkup with Bethany was fantastic! It was quick, yet thorough and everything she did was explained in detail. The staff really cares and takes the time to get to know you and was very friendly as always!

    Bryce R.

  • even though I hate cleaning, the people make a very pleasant place , they are fun and have a great sense of humour

    Mike K.

  • I was dreading my appointment to fix two cavities, however Dr. Sayal was fast and efficient. I appreciated his explanations and pictures on the TV screen. This is very helpful! Also the staff are all extremely friendly and nice! thanks for a great experience – as usual.

    Maria B.

  • My experience in interacting with the Marketplace Dental staff has always been excellent. Dr. Sayal always makes an effort to check on me and always has a few minutes to socialize.

    Thomas L.

  • My overall experience was excellent!

    My girls were a little nervous about their 1st appointment but all in all I think it went well. They are already talking about going back… lol
    Hubby should be calling to book an appointment with you soon!!

    Mirrelle Gardner

  • I will never go to any other dentist- I totally trust Dr. Sayal and his staff. Anitra was an excellent hygienist.

    Rolande G.

  • My daughter’s cleaning – staff are always friendly and make the kids feel relaxed (well as much as they can be LOL) – we all like dealing with Dr. Sayal and his team

    Aimee P.

  • Our family has been a client for 17 years and we have always had a great experience.

    Ana S.

  • Great experience once again with Dr Sayal and Bethany is a caring, fun Hygienist! Thanks everyone for making my dental experiences so pleasant!!! 🙂 Great staff all around !!!!

    Susan B.

  • Always a pleasant visit. This dentist takes away the fear from anyone and makes for a relaxing environment. My kids love him!

    Stacy F.

  • We have been looking for a dentist and decided to give Marketplace Dental Centre a try and we are so pleased we did.

    From the care and treatment we have experienced, I have no doubt this is a group of dedicated professionals that are a credit to the Canadian Healthcare system.

    Stephen D.

  • Thanks to everyone. I have a difficult time going to the dentist but everyone is very supportive and patient which greatly appreciated.

    Sylvia D

  • Very good dentist. Dr. Anoop Sayal has great credentials and expertise in his field. Very thorough when explaining the procedure. I would recommend him to friends and family.

    Michael Z.

  • I have always dreaded visits to the dentist ever since I was a young child. Angela’s gentleness, calm & detailed explanations went a long way to making my last visit a pleasant experience for me

    Monica C.

  • I’m not a huge fan of going to the dentist, but I always love seeing my dentist Bethany because she’s so outgoing and friendly. I always love talking to her.

    Megan C.

  • I hadn’t been at the dentist for two years so was a little nervous. My dental hygienist was excellent and took appropriate measures. I really like the renovations and the welcoming, casual atmosphere very much. Dr. Sayal is down to earth and very friendly. Very nice man! I would highly recommend my friends

    Maria B.

  • It’s only been a couple months since I switched to this Dental Office and it has been a great experience every time, I don’t look for excuses to cancel my Dental appointments to prolong the visit anymore, LOL

    Saverio P.

Family Dentist Georgetown

Marketplace Dental Centre

Family Dentist in Georgetown, Ontario

We have patients visiting our Dental Clinic from across Georgetown, Acton, Erin, Halton Hills, Brampton, and the surrounding areas.


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